Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiz in Progesterone Testing


1-3 What are the three ovarian hormones?


4-5 Give the reagents used in Kober's test.


6-7 Give the two positive reaction in Allen Doisy Test.
8-10 Give conditions wherein progesterone levels may be elevated

Case analysis:

Linda a 35 yr/old woman is experiencing severe nausea,vomiting, vaginal bleeding and very high blood pressure. Her pregnancy test is positive, but no fetal heartbeat and no fetal movement are detected, and her uterus is much more larger than expected.
Her laboratory tests shows the following:

Progesterone: 15 ng/ml
hCG: 10 mIU/ml

What's the possible cause of Linda's condition?

NOrmal values:
hCG:Non-pregnant females: <5.0>


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