Monday, July 13, 2009

The Hormone of Femininity

The Hormone of Femininity
What is the essence of being a woman?
is it a man?
Is it the success in her career?
Or is it what she bear & being a mother?

They would say, you would'nt complete womanhood
until you have your own brood
Is'nt it lovely to hear wen your child says
"Thanks mom for tying my lace."

Would anyone ponder
How a child wander
inside her womb
and all that hormones that succumb

Can you see how magical it is
How these tiny creature lives
9 months in her throne
with the support of thy mother's progesterone

Progesterone that prepares the lining of the uterus & support pregnancy
and helps mom's breast to produce milk for the baby
when that baby girl grows up
reproductive years makes it way on top

As that girl becomes a lady
She would ask about her changes in her body
Mom has to be ready
in explaining that she's no longer a baby

That During the reproductive years
hormones generated by the pituitary gland in the brain tears
which cause a new egg to mature
and comes out from its ovarian follicle every month in rapture

the reason why breasts becomes supple and tender,
feeling bloated and mood swings that's hard to bear
all these things come so natural
wonders of God so magical

How great it is that progesterone
can be a good topic alone
for mom and daughter bonding
the essence of a loving!

Comparison Between A Young Healthy Woman and An Old Woman in Accordance to Effects of Progesterone

After reading my previous posted topics we all learned that Progesterone plays a vital role in maintaining pregnancy and healthy reproductive system of women. Here are some linked videos showing the importance of progesterone:


  1. The poem has an artistic touch coupled with a good grasp of the topic. See me for corrections on some typos and errors.

    You have also cited the reference links.

  2. exceptional poem. you did it well. your poem contains all the information necessary to understand the topic assigned to you. good work.

    my comment is that your colors are not complementing again, for me. search for the best colors that would fit your black template. and also, the picture of the old lady is a bit censored, you can blurred it out. haha

  3. It is sometimes difficult to write a narrative in a form of a poem. I would say that you did justice to your topic. A free verse poem about progesterone.