Tuesday, June 16, 2009



1. What is the range of progesterone during follicular phase?
2. What is the range of progesterone during luteal phase?
3. What is the normal progression values in the first trimester?
4. What is the normal progression values in the second and third trimester?
5. What is the range of progesterone in menopausal women?
6-8. Give 3 causes of elevated progesterone level?
9. Is a quantitative analysis of plasma progesterone levels and provides reliable information about corpus luteum function in fertility studies and placental function in pregnancy.
10. The ideal specimen for the test in progesterone determination?

Case Study:

11-15. An 18 year old girl went to the hospital and said to be having amenorrhea, as she was tested she was diagnosed to be having gonadal dysfunction. What would be the cause of girls symptoms? Does it have something to do with elevated or low progesterone level? (explain)


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  2. Making an exam with questions about values is a bit difficult for both examiner and examinee. Some values maybe different for varying institutions. You may include a range for that instead of an actual number.

    Try to ask questions about the most common stuff.


    What is the most common cause of elevated progesterone level?

    So far the questions are well thought of and concise.


  3. KK. good questions. but ma'am told us to do 20 item examination. add more questions please. haha

  4. comprehensive and concise post.

  5. well composed questions and interesting case ana keep it up